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KAM Portal will create a wide range of business opportunities for all business’s that are involved in the FMCG market, including Marketing and Promotional companies, Accommodation venues, Function venues, Personnel agents, Estate Agents, as well as Educators and Motivational speakers. The site will create a one-stop location for FMCG business

The portal will be secure and will enable flexible and instant communication, on one location, with a list of additional value added services on the site. These will include:
FMCG Industry news
Supplier news
Retailer news
Current National marketing campaigns
New Products on the market
Promotional services and links for Retailers and Suppliers
Commercial property listings for Retailers looking for new premises
Communication via platform Supplier’s teams (Key Accounts, Marketing, and Sales Managers)
Advertising slots
FMCG professional social networking
Market research services
Career Pages and Personnel agent posts, links and adverts
Sales force training and development tools and links
Corporate service providers, eg Function, events, accommodation and team building
This will enable retailers as well as FMCG suppliers an easy to use, easy to access, and flexible platform to communicate (eg,  Buyers can communicate to not only their Key account manager, but also the regional sales managers, and marketing Managers to ensure that strategy is optimized, without having to send a multitude of emails) Being web based, there will be no issues as far as software incompatibility.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Enterprise community / social networks is vital for organizational growth and success

Enterprise community / social networks is vital for organizational growth and success
No matter how established a company’s business model is, every company is vulnerable to decline in today's ever-changing and volatile global marketplace. Ever evolving consumers and markets are creating massive challenges for organizations, by making it difficult for an organization to keep up with shifting demands. Enterprise Social Networks has revolutionized the way companies communicate, share knowledge, and innovate. Enterprise social / community networks are online knowledge / content management platforms capable of adding incredible value to an organization.
Social enterprise tools incorporate the characteristics of social media into business processes, allowing for stronger internal collaboration, deeper understanding of customers and other positive outcomes. The opportunity for companies to get ahead of the curve and realize the benefits of social ahead of competitors is huge.
ECN’s can vastly improve an organization’s ability to collaborate, due to the fact that employees have widely adopted this method of communication methodology (eg facebook, linkedin), thus increasing their adoption of this form of communication. There  is  tremendous  value  associated  with  simply  posing  a  question  to  the  entire  network  &  crowd  sourcing the  answer  from  your  organization’s  experts.  Many  companies  have  employees  with  knowledge  that  extends  beyond  their  job  title,  implementing  knowledge  management  software  is  the  best  way  to  bring  that  knowledge  out  of  them.
During new employee induction processes,  new employee  always  benefit  from Social network platforms, as it puts all the organization’s collective knowledge on a platform that they can easily access and understand.   Outlined processes can be accessed, and they can meet with key stakeholders on a virtual level, as well as they can read past correspondence in order to increase the induction and productivity contribution process. Due to the opportunity for all to contribute and be included in conversations they have the ability to exhibit their expertise and experience an increases sense of community and ownership.
Some of the benefits that companies are experiencing:

1.        Serious cost savings
Leadership teams can get better access to more information and expertise. The tangible benefits are having the right information at your fingertips before meeting with a customer, before deciding the next step in your product/service direction, and before making a crucial budget decision. In a world where technology changes at breakneck speed, the ability to pull in previously disparate information sources and data from applications in the context of your conversations and workflow saves you time and financial resources.

2.        Intranets are replaced, data becomes manageable
When it comes to searching and finding information, stodgy email systems, databases and intranets aren’t cutting it. A private social network allows information to be sorted and searched by key words and subjects. Plus, text, videos, and voice memos combine to make understanding the necessary information easier. In addition, there is massive flexibility and adaptability thus reducing the design, integration and implementation of additional innovation or functionality, at reduced costs. Profiles, groups and forums, enabling wide range of functionality, from information gathering, sharing, searching, as well as Talent sourcing, development, and project planning.

3.        Social networks help companies collaborate more efficiently
A recent altimeter report, surveying private social networking decision makers for 250+ sized organizations, asked how much impact a private social network had on collaboration between teams and departments. 64.2% of executives told Altimeter it was moderate to very significant. 65% said private social networking had an impact on reducing internal emails, while another 60% were able to streamline a business process. Other tangible business efficiencies as a result of internal social networking included increased employee retention, faster decision making, and a reduction in the volume of meetings.
Some of the uses:
- Use enterprise social to react quickly to the changing needs of the marketplace and stay ahead of the competition.
- Unifying a rapidly expanding workforce
- Managing information flow and knowledge-sharing within a large organization
- Creating stronger client proposals through collaboration

With KAMPortal, your company will be able to improve communication & collaboration, accelerate employee induction, whilst increasing employee value perception and creation

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

South African consumer goods professional social network

All consumer goods professionals, businesses, and associated service providers Join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KAMPortalcommunityKAMPortal Social community

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