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KAM Portal will create a wide range of business opportunities for all business’s that are involved in the FMCG market, including Marketing and Promotional companies, Accommodation venues, Function venues, Personnel agents, Estate Agents, as well as Educators and Motivational speakers. The site will create a one-stop location for FMCG business

The portal will be secure and will enable flexible and instant communication, on one location, with a list of additional value added services on the site. These will include:
FMCG Industry news
Supplier news
Retailer news
Current National marketing campaigns
New Products on the market
Promotional services and links for Retailers and Suppliers
Commercial property listings for Retailers looking for new premises
Communication via platform Supplier’s teams (Key Accounts, Marketing, and Sales Managers)
Advertising slots
FMCG professional social networking
Market research services
Career Pages and Personnel agent posts, links and adverts
Sales force training and development tools and links
Corporate service providers, eg Function, events, accommodation and team building
This will enable retailers as well as FMCG suppliers an easy to use, easy to access, and flexible platform to communicate (eg,  Buyers can communicate to not only their Key account manager, but also the regional sales managers, and marketing Managers to ensure that strategy is optimized, without having to send a multitude of emails) Being web based, there will be no issues as far as software incompatibility.

Friday, 25 April 2014

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